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  • Mizue Trinidad

    IMB International Master BoneQigong

    国際セラピスト業(GA)保証協会 認定講師



    ・BoneQigong®︎ Official Team

    ・Qigong Cleanseist School

    ・International Therapist Guarantee Association, Washington State Certified Instructor



    ・CIA Cleanse International Association Blue Ribbon Award

    ・ITU International Therapist School UNIVERSAL BEAUTY STYLIST®︎

    ・International Therapist Union (ITU) Full Member

    ・ITA International World Therapist Association Certified Therapist

    ・International Therapy Examination Council WWH36018 No-IV Worldwide Healer's Organization

    ・AMTA American Massage Therapy Association Professional Member

    ・BCTMB (Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork)

    ・WA Licensed Massage Practitioner (WA License: MA00023635)

    ・Certified Medical Massage Practitioner

    ・Reiki Master/Sound Healing/Pranic Healing/Theta Healing/Matrix Energetics

    ・Medical Intuition

    Q. 他との施術の違いは

    IMB International Master BoneQigong

    A. 他の技術にはない、独特のユニーク且つ深みのある技が特徴で、その仕上がりは、ただ小顔になるというだけではなく、眼の輝きや肌の質感、人相の変化に至るまで、クライアントの個性を引き出し美しく表現されます。 これは、繊細且つダイナミックな技から生み出される BoneQigong(ボンキゴン)にしか出来ない施術の仕上がりであり、 体験してみなければ分からない技の深みでもあります。 クライアントの多くはそれらを感じ、感動を受けます。またそれが仕上がりの表現に反映されます。
    A. 「物理的に顔が変わる」だけではない、「眼には見えない何かが変わる!」というところです。



    Q. What sets this course of therapies apart from others?


    A. This is a technique featuring a distinctive, unique character and a quality of depth not available in any other treatments. It results not only in providing compact facial shaping, but also in presenting expressions of the clients’ beauty, bringing out their individuality, from the gleam in their eyes to the feel of their skin and even a change in their overall features. These are results that can really only be obtained through BoneQigong therapies, borne of sensitive yet dynamic technique. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you really can’t quite fathom the depth of these techniques. Most clients sense those things and are impressed. And that is reflected in the appearance the therapy gives them as well.



    Q. Just what is it that makes Quon so attractive?


    A. The way it effects not only physical changes in the face, but also changes of a different nature not visible to the eye as well!


    IMB International Master BoneQigong

    BoneQigong を始めて 10 年近くになりますが、 定期的にお越しいただくお客様はもとより、口コミやご紹介などのお客様もいらっしゃいます。その中で、お顔のメンテナンスは人気で「眼に見える変化」と「内から変化する事で見える変化」というものです。例えば、 「小顔」だったり「身体の疲れ」であったり、「腰の痛み」であったりするわけですが、それは施術が終わって「お客様からのフィードバック」で分かります。 言葉で伝えて下さる方もいらっしゃいますし感動を身体で表現して下さる方もいらっしゃいます。



    Q. What are the most highly recommended options at BoneQigong Bellevue?

    IMB International Master BoneQigong


    It has been nearly 10 years since I began with BoneQigong, and I have clients who return on a regular basis as well as those who hear about it through word-of-mouth or are recommended by friends. Among them, facial maintenance is a popular option, and that means “changes visible to the eye” and “visible changes through change from within.” This might be for kogao compact facial shaping, for example, or bodily fatigue, or it might be for lower back pain, and I will know about these through client feedback subsequent to the sessions. Some let me know verbally and others express how impressed they are through body language.